Important Facts About Medical Marijuana/ CBD


Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one form of medical marijuana and a very interesting chemical.  It has contributed significantly to many people changing their views regarding marijuana uses and purposes. CBD is contained in marijuana just as THC is, but the two serve entirely different purposes.  THC in marijuana makes people high, while CBD brings along significant medical benefits.  Below are some truths you need to know about Medical marijuana’s CBD.

Key ingredients in cannabis.

THC and CBD are the primary key relevant ingredients in cannabis.  The chemicals exist in high concentrations in the crop, irrespective of the manner in which it is grown. Even the people who breed marijuana for recreation have noticed that CBD levels in the plant are very high. Read more cbd oil facts here!

CBD is not psychoactive.

Contrary to the popular belief, CBD oil or capsules cannot get you high. The CBD in these products cannot make you feel as high as THC can do. THC in cannabis is the psychoactive substance and not CBD.  When CBD comes into contact with your brains, it does not act in the same way that THC does.  It thus does not interfere with anyone’s psychomotor or psychological functions.  CBD is safe and cannot make you feel high.

Medical Benefits

There are numerous health benefits associated with taking CBD. It can, for instance, help someone experiencing nausea and vomiting when going through chemotherapy or any other cbd oil treatment.  It is also essential in suppressing seizures that people get regularly. CBD also helps in combating inflammation as well as neuro-digestive disorders. CBD also helps in a great way in relieving depression and anxiety. In case you have any of those conditions, you can talk to a doctor about getting CBD capsule supplements or CBD oil for a few months.

CBD limits the effects of THC.

A lot of THC causes people to feel sleepy, high, and disoriented. People who use cannabis strains that have high CBD amounts comment that they do not get the same symptoms Many users say that it makes them become more alert. The reason behind this is that CBD counters the effects of THC on the body.  This renders the cannabis strains harmless.

Medical marijuana has been of great essence in treating different conditions. In states where the use of marijuana is prohibited, you need to have a medical marijuana card to access it. It is also purchased on medical marijuana dispensaries, ones that are licensed. Learn more about cannabis at

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